Hand Tattoos

Hand Tattoos from the history was began from ,Greek used tattoos to communicate between the spy (spy). Signalled to the spy (spy) and showed their rank. The Romawi person indicatedHand Tattoos in a criminal and the slave. The practice like this is still undertaken now. The person “Ainu” from west asia used Hand Tattoos for the social status . The moving girls mature marked to inform their place in the community, like the woman who has married.

hand tattoo womenBorneo with traditional naturall hand creations
The Ainu ethnic group was the ethnic group that introduced tattoo to Japan, where furthermore tattoo developed in the ritual ceremony and piety. In Borneo ,which was called Bornean traditional tattooing, the woman that became the craftsman tattoos, that has become culture and their tradition. They designed, that showed the environment from the owner in the life and kesukuan him.

The ethnic group of Kayan women had tattoo soft arms and was seen like gloves lace. The ethnic group of Dayak soldier who had cut off the head had tattoo on their hands. Tattoo on hand or at the bodies could gather respect and convinced his owner in the status of his life. The person Polynesia developed tattoo to indicate the tribal tattoos community and the family.

hand tattoo dragon simple
hand tattoo dragon pictures
hand tattoo chinese fonts
hand tattoo dragon small
hand tattoo flower
hand tattoo litle dragon pictures
hand tattoo rihana


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