Tatu tattoo pictures – tribal tattoos on sexy rusian girls

Look at on sexy girl bodies that “tatu tattoo pictures” , may be of interest to you, or just take them for your ideas , or chek out related to tatu tattoo designs on tribal tattoos
tatu tribal tattoo picture designst.A.T.u. or read Tatu (Russian: Тату) is a Russian Pop Duo consisting of Lena Katina and Julia Volkova (they’re really sexy) . In the video clip for their popular song, “All The Things She Said”, they are described as lesbian couples. However, it turns out it was only a marketing strategy of Ivan Shapovalov, the producer invited them to a public sensation.
tatu tribal tattoo back body Lena Katina was born on October 4, 1984 in Moscow, Russia. Long-haired Lena described as tATu passive.
Julia Volkova, born on February 20, 1985 in Moscow, Russia. Short-haired Julia is described as tATu active, cheerful, and mischievous.

tatu tribal tattoo buttt.A.T.u. is by far the most successful musical international act from Russia. Their breakout album, 200 Po Vstrechnoy was hailed as the first Russian album to achieve gold status internationally. Subsequently, the release of their debut English album, 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane, rendered this Russian duo with the title as the first act to receive an IFPI Platinum Europe Award for the same album in two different languages.
tatu tattoo sexy rusian style


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