Kelly Ripa Tattoo Style on The Left-Hand

kelly ripa tattoo font on left handPretty American television actress, Kelly Ripa recently proudly show her a new hand tattoo style and Kelly Ripa showed it off on Kelly and Regis! yesterday.

Kelly Ripa Tattoo, who she ever has a flower tattoo on her inner ankle, got “Consuelos” on her wrist, as in husband-of-13-years Mark Consuelos. But, Kelly does however admit that the tattoo is a forever reminded of her youthful stupidity, and she got the tattoo when Ripa was 19 years old but it also gives some tattooed people some hope.
kelly ripa wearing bikini sexy styleKelly Ripa said of the script, “It’s a little inky but it will heal.” the new jersey woman said she got inked at Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn. She has a fairly noticeable rose tattoo, font tattoo, and also wave tattoo on the lower left leg

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